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RecSource was born from a local product assembly company called KC Pro Assembly. After working for years installing goals and other products for KC Pro Assembly, we built a reputation for attention to detail and a positive attitude. Now, partnered with KC Pro Assembly, headed by David Murff, the RecSource team was born.


We provide fast, efficient installations, at a price that can't be matched. In fact, we have the lowest install prices at just $200 per goal! How, are we able to go so low? Well, for one we profit somewhat from the sale, so we don't need to make much off the installation. Secondly, we're just not greedy. We would rather earn your business, and your trust, by being transparent. We offer you value at a lower cost than ever before.  

   Here we not only sell the goals but also deliver and install them. Because we make profits from sales + installation we can charge you less than most retailers charge you for the hoop itself.


    Our hands-on experience and knowledge of the different brands available allowed us to find you the best option for your investment. We believe Ironclad Sports Inc. to be an optimal choice for style and durability. We offer you the most efficient buying process available along with seamless delivery and experienced installers. All work is done in-house, so our prices will beat any of our competitors. There are no disconnects here. No right- and left-hand miscommunications. We do it all.